CRM means many things to many people and whilst it is a focus of many businesses it is often not managed or measured with efforts often wasted or poorly directed. Critical in the success of CRM is measuring the results of your activities, ABconsult utilises existing functionality within your DMS and where this is not available or suitable, we can utilise third party applications to achieve your CRM goals.

ABconsult works with your business to understand your CRM direction, we review current practices and rate your performance, identify areas of improvement and implement industry best practice processes to maximise the results and return from your CRM investment. This review covers all departments and incorporates all communication medium, contact milestones, quality of the database and DMS system utilisation.

ABconsult’s engagement can be tailored to suit your resource and capabilities as follows;

  • Full review, scope, implementation and management of the CRM vision
  • Project manage the implementation of your CRM Vision working with the CRM manager and utilising dealership staff.
  • Initial review and whitepaper preparation for implementation by Third Party or in-house resource.
  • Reporting and measuring current CRM performance
  • Adhoc CRM Consulting

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